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This kind of governance system can assess each decision as to whether an item should be controlled against the govern- ing principles that have been established within the system.Doing so can ensure that the remaining controlled items are relevant to rapidly changing global conditions and can help ensure that decisions are made in a timely manner.

Recommendation 1 The President should restructure the export control process within the federal government so that the balancing of interests can be achieved more efficiently, and to prevent harm to the nation’s security and tech- nology base; as well as promote U. B.  Apply “sunset” requirements to all items on export control lists that are controlled unilaterally by the United States, and require find- ings to be made every 12 months that removing controls on an item would present a substantial risk to national security.

C.  Establish as a new administrative entity a coordinating center for export controls, with responsibilities for coordinating all interfaces with persons or entities seeking export licenses and expediting agency processes with respect to the granting or denial of export licenses.

If weapons are to be controlled under a specialized munitions regime, “weapons” must be delineated from everything else, and that definition should not extend weapons controls to broad swaths of tech- nologies with multiple applications.

Recognize the “global public good” nature of health-related technolo­ gies.

Every government retains the right to decide to whom it wishes to sell m ­ unitions—decisions that may not depend on whether other nations agree, or whether there are economic advantages to be foregone.

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