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To secure to the business men of West Virginia this publication, which has become a necessity, is the constant aim of the publishers, and a glance at the large num- ber of advert sements scattered through this volume will show the appreciation felt for the enterprise. Page Alphabetical Directory 59 -592 Banks and Bankers 49-50 Classified Business Directory (Foreign") 859-863 Classified Business Directory (West Virginia) 593-857 County Seats and Officers 47-48 Courts of West Virginia 40-42 Ex press Companies 58 Foreign Classified Business Directory 859-863 Gazetteer and A Iphabetical Directory 59-592 Government of West Virginia 39 Index to Advertisements, arranged by Towns 20 Index to Advertisements, classified according to Business 24 J luliciary 40 Members of Congress from West Virginia 40 Officers of State Institutions 42 43 Patrons outside of State, classified 859-863 liailroads of West Vi rginia 58 State Boards 42-43 State Government 39 State Institutions 42-43 State Judiciary 40 S tate Legislature 43 Stite Militia 39-41 United States Courts in West Virginia 40 Particular attention is directed to the list of first-class business firms in cities outside of the State — pages 859-863.

Central Hotel, The 223 Custer Ed 223 First National Bank 225 Heironimus T W & Haslup Dod 225 Merchants' and Mechanics' Savings Bank, The 223 Nestor G E 225 Ward LE 226 HARRISVILLE.

ERICKSON STENCIL & STUMP WORK Telephone Pittsburg 2274 Established 1883. The 193 Rolls Theodore 197 Skinner's Tavern 197 Watson T F Hotel, The 195 Williams Benj G 197 GRAFTON.

Duty & Ireland 239 Fawcett D A 409 Pennsboro Ne^s 4(i9 Pennsboro Republican 409 Pedigo W B 409 PHILI. Barbou r Democrat 413 Commercial Hotel 413 Poling A S 413 Talbott Mrs J W 413 Tygart's Valley Bnnk 412 Woods Samuel V 413 PIEDMONT.

A Bookkeeping, i^ eiiograpi.y ^]^,ixnd Typewriting, Com TOD nnd Higher English and Math- ei Tiatics, Languar-^e. Co 389 Pope Lewis & Sons 377 Schaefer Charles H .387 Sharp & Kearns 387 Shields T L 383 Spence & Smith 385 "The Stag" 393 Stout J L 381 Straus W M 387 T h o m pson Jo h n H .393 Trissler Charles A 395 Turner C H & Co, 379 Wild Rudolph 381 PENNSBORO.

I'age I Osboru W B, Clarksburg 149 BROKERS — STOCK AND BOND. Donaldson, Morgan & Co left top lines and 571 CHURCH FURNITURE. Barton H, Charleston 125 Selvey Robert, Wheeling right top line;? American Bonding and Trust Co of Baltimore City, Wheeling 545 bookbinders. Pittsburgh right bottom lines boots and shoes — wholesale. Reyman Brewing Co, Wheeling right top lines and 525 Shipley S J, Wheeling 557 BOX MNFRS.

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