Use updating and integration of ict in higher education adult chat google room

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Monetized Benefits of Improved Government Web Site Accessibility to Persons with Vision Disabilities Table 8.

Scope of Revised ICT Standards and Guidelines: What Entities Will Have to Comply? Significant Changes from the Preliminary Regulatory Impact Analysis to the Final Regulatory Impact Analysis 6. Types of Addressable Disabilities and Number of Potential Beneficiaries 6.2. Factors Affecting Future Compliance Costs Under the Current ICT Standards and Guidelines 8.1. Estimated Cost Increases Associated With Procured ICT 10.3.

Benefits for Federal Employees With Disabilities 6.3. Factors Affecting Federal Agency Section 508 Compliance Costs 8.2. Compliance Costs Associated With Revised Section 255 Guidelines 10.4.

Projected Document Creation Costs Increase for Additional Employees With Section 508 Compliance Responsibilities Table 32.

Total 10-Year Document Creation Cost Increases Table 33.

Benefits for Citizens and Other Residents With Disabilities 6.4. Benefits From Increased Availability of Accessible Telecommunications Products, Documentation, and Support Services 6.6. Factors Affecting Telecommunications Manufacturer Costs to Comply With the Section 255 Guidelines 9. Area 1: Applying WCAG 2.0 to Software and Applications 9.2. Summary of Monetized and Unquantified Incremental Costs of the Final Rule 11.

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