Stalking online dating

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FYI: you can't remove a photo tag until you're using the desktop version of Facebook. Even though this is something you actually DO, you are supposed to be doing it This is when you try to look at comments on a photo via the mobile app and accidentally giving it a Like. The Keeping Your Browser Open to Their Profile for All to See Fail This needs no explanation.

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Don't sabotage your chances of happiness by digitally stalking a potential new partner.

I want to share a story about what I call "dating site stalking." This term applies to someone who consistently and obsessively checks the profile of a person they've met and begun dating. It seems simple enough: to check up on the person they're now dating and communicating with on an ongoing basis.

Obviously, that had a negative effect on how she showed up when they talked. Left to her own devices, even she would admit that she would have definitely blown up the whole thing far too soon, before it developed a solid-enough foundation.

Instead of watching the potential relationship unnecessarily go up in flames, I challenged her to step back and re-evaluate.

Instead of focusing on whether he was communicating with other women, I helped her find the certainty she wanted; it was already in her.

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