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In doing so, they ignore research dating back to the 1960s showing that black and low-income students benefit from being educated in an environment that includes students of varying race and socioeconomic backgrounds."Kids who are in integrated schools are much more likely to graduate, much more likely to go to college and more likely to feel comfortable working in an interracial world," explains Myron Orfield, director of the University of Minnesota Institute on Race and Poverty.Jon Burge and his so-called midnight crew of rogue... Chicago, which helped define the nature and power of political machines, was released from constraints on its hiring practices because it had cleaned up its act and had put into place rules to eliminate illegal patronage, a federal judge decided... Will this be the day a mutt goes home with the big prize?

Ron huberman dating

Daley worked to revamp and improve the city's public school system, overhauled public housing and invested heavily in the city's infrastructure in projects ranging from Millennium Park to the expansion of O'Hare International Airport.

He also launched a beautification effort that included wrought-iron fencing on public properties and installation of planters, trees and landscaping citywide.

mutt) was mingling with the purebreds at a Westminster Kennel Club...

NEW YORK -- As the National Anthem played at the start of the Westminster Kennel Club’s agility championship, people weren’t the only ones standing at attention.

A fire that killed all but two members of a Kentucky family brought devastating grief but also overwhelming generosity, the family says.

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