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If you’ve just now used most of your hand-sanitizer, this is where you should eat.Though this branch of Haldiram’s is the oldest, it was established in 1983, and has since been refurbished.Beware, the seekh kebab at Karim’s is so soft, it might break in your hands before your tongue touches it.

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Their self-help ethic means you make it yourself, and at the risk of spilling the spiced water everywhere, it’ll be memorable and a brief -- insert Bollywood track from the 1980s -- interlude from the hollering horns on the road outside.

Established in 1957, Giani’s is famous for its rabri falooda (Rs 50), made fresh every day.

Jain's jalebis are large, hot, crispy and Rs 300 for a kilo.

If you need spiral-shaped dough soaked in sugar to help raise your spirits, this corner is where it’s at.

The streets of old Delhi are a maelstrom of activity, and one of the most important narratives is the one concerning food.

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