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The article states, "Church members always greet each other with a "holy kiss" (following New Testament precedents)." A holy kiss is an interesting concept and should be explained in more detail? The article mentions how elders aren't called by "Father" or "Reverend" as they are volunteers and not paid (as according to Scripture)!I don't think it is an article's purpose to tell the reader what is and isn't scriptual.Because of Wikipedia policy, we have to make sure that articles present a neutral point of view. With regard to the above, no church members were rebaptized into the Mormon church of Brigham Young vs the Mormon church of Joseph Smith. With regards to references and disputes above, check out the LDS Church History from 1844-1860 as well as writings by Paul Peterson and others.

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With regards to earlier historical issues from 1844 listen to the facts.

Brigham Young was not placed in the position of the First Presidency until 1847.

The organization of the First Presidency and Quorom of Twelve Apostles followed the correct process, and by inspiration and common consent the Lord directed Brigham Young to continue the work.

These articles give the false impression that Brigham Young was leading a "secret faction" and that he essentially assumed power by misleading the entire church membership into voting for him.

These are tenants of our beliefs founded upon scripture, not interpreted how we want to.

Monroecc online dating

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