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Let’s dive into each one and see if we can find which is the best.

TM kicked things off by upping their Uni Fi game to the current Uni Fi Advance plan which offers 30Mbps download speeds for RM179.

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We can see how this is useful for those who are less than tech-savvy, but if you are anything like us, the services these Maxperts provide become much less valuable as you could probably do the optimising yourself.

In true Maxis fashion, their fibre plans are the most expensive in this comparison.

After the initial telco price war, it seems the battle has spilt over into the realm of fixed broadband services as the big-three fibre broadband service providers in Malaysia clash. Don’t worry because, as usual, we’ve got you covered.

Click to enlarge We saw strong offerings from the four major players in the fibre broadband industry, but as with most plans, there are pros and cons to each plan.

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Malaysia fuck mobile

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