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😍#ricklagina #oakisland #halifax #oneofthenicestguysyoullevermeet A post shared by Jason Phipps (@jasephipps) on Regarding his career, after performed ‘The Curse of Oak Island’, he appeared in the TV series with his brother Marty, his number of fans and followers started to grow constantly.Rick Lagina received about the mystery of Oak Island in the year of Jan 1965 issue of Reader’s Digest.Completely forgot to put this up from our trip to the maritimes!

Presently, Rick is making his palace in the industry by gaining fame from the History channel’s reality series.

The show is based on solving the Oak Island mystery with the help of global experts and sophisticated technology as well.

A nice humble down to earth girl that's it and of course a person with brain.

Here's 20 seconds or less about me so start your phone timer -An engineer (cyber security one) -Not an employee n..

Rick Lagina has unknown about his date of birth and originating who is a postal worker in the United States before he gained popularity through ‘The Curse of Oak Island’.

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