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According to court records, the fire started on a mattress in the basement where the five victims were sleeping.

Neither Tam nor his wife was at the home on the morning of the fire.

Prosecutors argued the man deserved seven years for his crime, saying he used the immigrants as cheap labor in his Chinese restaurant and hid them in an unsafe basement that had no working smoke detectors and only one stairway to get out. Battani told 50-year-old Ada Lei, who read a statement in Mandarin expressing her remorse over the workers' deaths."I blame myself," Lei said through an interpreter.

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Police would later learn that Tam had gone to the house in a Lexus to pick up the immigrants for work that morning when he discovered the fire. illegally and had been here for six months before they died.

Smoke detectors were in the basement but had been disabled, according to court documents and testimony.

She had repeatedly sponsored legislation to repeal the law, but it went nowhere in the GOP-controlled state Legislature.

In a statement, Gonzales said the ban sent the wrong message and said there is nothing to be feared from learning more about Mexican-American history."It is important for Arizona to teach the history of minority communities of the past and present day," she said.

Johanna Huckeba/A federal judge has imposed a permanent injunction on state education officials, barring them from enforcing a law that banned Mexican-American studies, which already has been found unconstitutional. The injunction issued Tuesday prohibits state Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas and the state Board of Education from taking any action to comply with the now-unconstitutional law or to require the Tucson district to follow it.

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