Dating websites not working

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and I’ve been very, very careful to use all of your tips, and I read your blog faithfully. I feel like I’m the ONE outlier who can’t make your tips work for me.

Unlike most of the lookie-loos who read free blogs and newsletters and don’t try anything different, you put your money where your mouth is and invested in Finding the One Online. However, there are a few variables that might be affecting your experience…and I’d just like to point them out to you. In this famous Ok Cupid blog post, Ok Cupid takes great pains to illustrate that while women think that 80% of men are BELOW AVERAGE in attractiveness, men actually have a fair appraisal of women’s attractiveness.

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I teach you how to undeniably demonstrate your value and create attraction before you ever even meet.

I teach you how to get into someone's head and on the way to their heart ethically, honestly and with integrity.

What have you got to lose but your own frustration or loneliness?

I read what I purchased from you faithfully and followed everything you said.

Write to more Indian men and your response rate should go up by 15%.

Dating websites not working

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