human resource management dating - Dating a terminally ill person

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Doctors gave him just three years to live, prompting him to start making memories with his beloved wife, Maxine, 56, before his time runs out.

Mr Flewett has already splashed out £20,000 ticking off 33 destinations including the Caribbean, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.

Like many first time parents, for Rachael and Jonathan the arrival of their first-born child 14 weeks ago was a special and memorable day.

Rachael, 33, from Sydney, remembers a 'perfect pregnancy', and while she had a somewhat 'brutal C section' birth, their baby girl, Mackenzie Karen, was 'beautiful' and the new mother and father couldn't be happier.

'It's like in the movies, I can't really remember the details of what happened after we were told Mackenzie had SMA, but apparently my husband went into police mode asking lots of questions.'Rachael and Jonathan now have to enjoy what time they have left with their baby girl, as they watch her slowly 'lose the ability to move, to swallow and finally to breathe'.'Right now, we are putting all of our focus into Mackenzie and giving her all the love we can,' Rachael said.'She is not aware of the fact that she is supposed to be able to move her arms and legs yet. * Type II, also called chronic infantile SMA, begins to affect children between 6 and 18 months old. Most people affected by this type start having symptoms after age 35, and these symptoms slowly get worse over time.

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