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Aubin GTEP Master's and Educational Specialist Degrees and Graduate Courses in Education Class Schedule Winter 2000, Nova Southeastern University Link Guernea ipilya and G. Boadu Guidelines for Assessing the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) Process, Gertrude W. Fornshell Habitat Mapping in the Farasan Islands (Saudi Arabia) Using CASI and Quick Bird Imagery, Gwilym Rowlands, James A. Hill Link Improving the teaching of science for our future elementary school teachers, Robert W. " Critical Electronic Reading in the Law Classroom, Debra Moss Curtis "In a Case, on the Screen, Do They Remember What They've Seen? Crandell and Alyssa Needleman Individual Differences in Speech-Recognition Performance in Hearing-Impaired Listeners, Alyssa Needleman and Carl C. Walker, Emilio Viano, and Margherita Repetto Alaia In Today's Healthcare Environment Are Educators the Key to Sustaining the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Role? Dwyer Intragroup Subgroup Attitude Clustering, External Intervention, and Intergroup Interaction Patterns: Toward a Dynamical Model of Protracted Intergroup Conflict, Peter T. Doan Irish Relations with the Norse in Dublin, 837- 1014, James E. Telesco Issues of Same-Sex Domestic Violence, Grace A. Smith It's easy to individualize: the five component learning package, Michael Simonson and R. Coleman It Takes a Village: Issues in Childhood Education in the Bahamas, James K. Graves Jonas and his protective, delusional, or alienating mother: Advocacy, forensics, and boundaries with battered women, Lenore E. Shapiro Law and Ethics for the Practicing Psychologist, David L. Hammelman Long Term Alprazolam Use: Abuse, Dependence or Treatment, Myroslava K. Dringus Measuring the Impact of email Headers on the Predictive Accuracy of Machine Learning Techniques, Hicham Refaat Tout Measuring the Length of a Pelagic Longline Set: Applications for Management, David W. Thomas Media presentations by distant learners, Michael Simonson, C. Walker Mediation Model Differences between China and Australia and Their Possible Collaboration., Yang Zhang Link Medicaid, Frederick Lippman Medical acupuncture: at what point? Ruedrich Link Medicine of today and tomorrow, Frederick Lippman Link Medicine, sports, and kids, Frederick Lippman Meditation, R. Doan Mediterranean Influences on Insular Manuscript Illuminations, James E.

Grant Hardships of Scarcity: Microsociology on Poor People’s Survival Strategies in Everyday Life, Antonio Rosales Hardway, D. Abramson Harlemites' Preconceptions of Unmet Human Needs and The Loss of Harlem Culture: A Quantitative Study of The Causes of Conflict and Gentrification, Arnold John Banks Harmonic Oscillators, Moment Maps and Solutions of Polynomial Equations, Vehbi Emrah Paksoy “Hay Sacks Anonymous”: Living in the Shadow of the Unidentified. Guide to teaching computer science: An activity-based approach, Gertrude W. Wong Hemispheric Asymmetries in Manic-Depressive Patients: Relationship to Hemispheric Processing of Affect., David B. Golden Hemodynamics & Doppler, Catharine Scholl Hemodynamics & Doppler, Catharine Scholl File Henry Winkler, Ken Hughs Hepatitis C Update, Laura Gunder-Mc Clary Herbivorous fishes in the Florida Keys: A study among reef community types and seasons, Emily F. Opgennorth Link HIV-Related Attention Bias and Processing Deficits in the Regulation of Emotion: An ERP Analysis, Roger C. Tartar, Susan Widmayer, and M Rosselli HIV risk behaviors of Latin American and Caribbean men who have sex with men in Miami, Florida, USA, Mete Akin, Maria I. Warren HIV Testing Among Sexually Active Hispanic/Latino MSM in Miami-Dade County and New York City: Opportunities for Increasing Acceptance and Frequency of Testing, Heather A. Cohen and Ernest Schirmer Human Genomics and Allied Health, Stephan M. Mc Allister Identification of the Larval and Juvenile Stages of the Cubera Snapper, Lutjanus cyanopterus, Using DNA Barcoding, Benjamin C. Shivji, John Hyde, and Chris Caldow Identifying Preconceptions of Clinical Research in Swiss Allied Health and Nursing Researchers, Christophe Richoz and Jocelyne Depeyre Identifying Reasons for Student Underachievement, Carolyn A. Hill Managing the mandate: Distance education in South Dakota, Michael Simonson and T. Schneider Marx and Weber's Perspectives on the Bureaucracy: An Instrument of Domination, James K. Shivji Link Microscopy and Microanalysis in Marine Invertebrate Biology, Dorothy-Ellen A.

Digital multimedia offers key to educational reform, Gertrude W. , Evan Haskell How Intelligent are Organicity Scales of the MMPI? Doan How the Law Shapes Gender Identity: Antiabortion Shibboleths in the Law, Vicky Toscano How to assess and ensure the safety of your suicidal patients, L. Hill How to evaluate educational software, Gertrude W. Dringus Human Factors in the Success of a Commercial Software Package: Lotus l‑2‑3, Maxine S. Lubetsky Link Mammalian Evolution and the Interphotoreceptor Retinoid Binding Protein (IRBP) Gene: Convincing Evidence for Several Superordinal Clades, Michael Stanhope, Marta R. Abramson Link Managing Sexually Harmful Behaviour in a Residential Special School, Duncan Pritchard, Nicola Graham, Annette Ikin, Heather Penney, Lisa Kovacs, Dawn Mercer, Richard Edwards, Dylan Jones, and Floyd C. Carbone Managing the Enrollment Funnel in these Challenging Times, Robert W. Johnston Marine Hotspots Revisited, James Darwin Thomas Marital Satisfaction and Marital Violence, Randall L. Lyttle II, Nova Southeastern University Martin Buber’s I-Thou and Its Implications for the Therapeutic Alliance, Barry A. Trexler Link Migratory Patterns and Habitat Use of Sand Tiger Sharks (Carcharias taurus) in the Northwest Atlantic, Shara Marie Teter, Bradley M. Kerstetter MMOGs as Learning Environments: An Ecological Journey into Quest Atlantis and The Sims Online , Michael Young, P. Schrader, and Dongping Zheng MMPI-2 Cluster Analysis: Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Jon D.

Abramson Holocene Coral Reef Rubble and Its Binding Agents, M. Abramson Homeostatic Drive and the Perpetuation of Depression and Anxiety, Jonathan Tory Toole, Travis J. , Morey Kolber and Kevin Brueilly How Can We As Teacher Educators Help our Students Avoid Teacher Burnout Once They Graduate, Robert W. The Impact of Funding Agencies in Formulating Research Questions, Massimiliano Tarrozzi How Does Pectoralis Minor Length Relate to Posterior Scapular Stabilizer Strength? Flemons How to think like a writer and write like a thinker, Douglas G. Fletcher, N Blaney, M Baum, and J Szapocznik Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI): Challenges in Identification, Differential Diagnosis and Treatment, Amarilis Cruz Acevedo Military Modernization and Peaceful Rising: A Harmonious Transition of the PLA into the Future, Xiaobing Li Link Military veterans face challenges in accessing educational benefits at Florida community colleges, Robert W. Flemons File Ming-Liang Cai Link Minimally invasive surgery, Frederick Lippman Link Minimal non-finitely based monoids, Edmond W. Lee and Jian Rong Li Link Minimal non-finitely based semigroups, Edmond W. Lee, Jian Rong Li, and Wen Ting Zhang Minority Students’ Perspectives on Chemistry in an Alternative High School , Renee Peterson-Beeton Miocene Biostromal Coral Facies (Leitha Limestone, Austria) - Low Diversity Coral Carpets and Their Actualistic Interpretation, Bernhard Riegl and Werner Piller Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Brad Howey Mirror Principle and Beyond, Vehbi Emrah Paksoy Mirror Principle and Hori-Vafa Conjecture for Homogenous Varieties, Vehbi Emrah Paksoy Mirror Principle and Hori-Vafa Conjecture on Homogenous Spaces, Vehbi Emrah Paksoy Mirror Symmetry, Vehbi Emrah Paksoy Mirror Symmetry and Mirror Principle, Vehbi Emrah Paksoy Misconceptions about the Mc Kenzie Approach in the Treatment of LBP, Morey Kolber Mis/Disorientation Events from 20 Nesting Seasons in Broward County, FL USA, Kristine Halager, Laura Wright, Curtis M. Sellers MMPI-2 Profiles of Patients with Syringomyelia: Physical Problems, Not Psychological, Barry A. Bengtson MMPI-2 Scale 8 Elevations: Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, Jon D.

Computers in the Schools, 18(4), 185-198, Gertrude W. Wilson Link Horizontal and Vertical Distribution of Mesopelagic Fishes with special reference to Vinciguerria lucetia (Phosichthyidae: Pisces) in the Humboldt Current Region Off Peru, R. Koppelmann, and Tracey Sutton Horizontal Structure of the Upper Ocean Velocity and Density Fields in the Western Equatorial Pacific Warm Pool: Depth Range from 20 to 250 m, Alexander Soloviev, Roger Lukas, and Peter Hacker Hospice, Palliative Care and Aid-in-Dying: The Current Status of End of Life Policies in the U. Wilson Really Stop Dennis the Menace from Moving in Next Door? A novel approach to early Integrated Clinical Education (ICE)., Robin Galley and Melissa Lazinski How can an acute care therapist employ an evidence-based rehab approach? Wilkie, K Goodkin, C Eisdorfer, D Feaster, R Morgan, Mary A. , Michael Simonson Mindful Body Meets Embodied Mind, Douglas G.

Graves Habitat Utilization by Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Biscayne Bay, Florida, Christine A. Kerstetter Handbook for GEM Practicums [1988], Nova University Handbook of Distance Education: Moore, M. Raja and Bahar Sultana Link Healthy Americans Act, Frederick Lippman Healthy Culture Needs Healthy Artists, says new society, Mark Seton and Paul Duff Link Healthy eyes for all ages, Frederick Lippman Link Healthy minds, healthy children, Frederick Lippman Link Healthy start: preparing mothers, babies, and children, Frederick Lippman Healthy Video Gaming: Oxymoron or Possibility? Berger, and H Baumann Highly Streamlined PCR-Based Genetic Identification of Carcharhinid Sharks (Family Carcharhinidae) for Use in Wildlife Forensics, Trade Monitoring, and Delineation of Species Distributions, Marcy Henning High Numbers of Staphylococcus aureus at Three Bathing Beaches in South Florida, Nwadiuto Esiobu, Melissa Green, Andrea Echeverry, Tonya Davidian Bonilla, Corine Melanie Stinson, Aaron Hartz, Andrew Rogerson, and Donald S. High-Performance Knowledge-Based Entity Extraction, Anthony M. Middleton High-Quality, High-Impact, Computer-Supported, Instructor-Led Presentations, Gertrude W. Clinton High quality, low budget digitized images in multimedia productions, Gertrude W. Baum, G Shor-Posner, S Lai, G Zhang, H Lai, Mary A. Page High school courses on the Internet, Gertrude W. Campbell HIV prevention programs of nongovernmental organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean: the Global AIDS Intervention Network project, Maria I. Mask, Eduardo Meneses Sierra, Ricardo Vallejo, J Brian Page, Nancy G. Fletcher Human Insulin Fibril-Assisted Synthesis of Fluorescent Gold Nanoclusters in Alkaline Media Under Physiological Temperature, Andrew R. Flemons Hypnosis as a template for creative brief therapy, Douglas G. Flemons Link Hypnotic Medication In The Aftermath Of Trauma, Thomas A. D., Victoria Bustamante, Daniella David, and Ana I. Szczepanski, Yoo Jung Chang, Jean Johanna Latimer, Stephen G. Noronha If You Knew the End of the Story, Would you Still Want to Hear It? Van Hasselt Impact of Exchange Marriage on Children in Pakistan: Social Security or Insecurity? Schmitt Lavin Implementing a Critically Quasi-Ethnographic Approach , Lisa Murtagh Implementing a Multifaceted Treatment Adherence Program, Paul E. Miguez, M Hernandez-Reif, E Perez-Then, and Mary A. Kelly Maternal Smoking Contributes to the Development of Childhood ADHD, Kelly Sadowski and Thomas G. Abramson Metacognition and Self-Scaffolding in MMORPGs: Case Study of an Adolescent Male Gamer, Ruba Monem Metacommunity Structure Along Resource and Disturbance Gradients in Everglades Wetlands, Eric R. Pierce Dredge Spoils Sediment Study, Patricia Blackwelder, Carlos Alvares Zarikian, Terry Hood, Charles M.

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