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We assemble into the “chat room,” a forum style hall in which Blythe Danner’s pre-recorded voice welcomes us over the PA.

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“Because I will never sell you short.” Somewhat deflated, I await the next session on gut health. a.m. Alejandro Junger (known for his Paltrow-approved master cleanses) takes the stage with Dr. But the first 10 minutes meander so much I get antsy and sneak out to try more of the samplings in Goop hall. Living the high life, I try Belcampo’s organic bone broth (unsalted, it's hospital-like, but becomes more appetizing once you stir in offered mix-ins like apple cider vinegar and honey), before moving onto Moon Juice’s Blue Tonic with Brain Dust.

There’s also a progressive display of pre-filled vape pens from hmbldt and an area called The Pharmacy, where you can buy Paltrow’s pre-packaged vitamins ($90). p.m.

) is 25 people deep, the flavored oxygen bar is packed and Dyson blowouts are in full swing. a.m.

Mildly panicked, I quickly get to breakfast, sampling in quick succession: Bulletproof Coffee Plus (coffee blended with something called Brain Octane Oil, grass-fed Butter and pasture-raised collagen protein), a tiny pink glazed donut from Erin Mc Kenna’s Bakery and a sushi-inspired breakfast lox burrito from Kye's. a.m.

Given the actress-turned-entrepreneur’s active move into the health and wellness space (she recently launched a series of tailored vitamins), it’s no surprise Paltrow tested her first summit in the gluten-free city of Los Angeles on Saturday.

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